Laughter Finding Us


Chickens pecking in landscaping

Chickens crossed to our house from the farm across the road.

Amidst the worry about work issues, the anxiety about my daughter’s college move-in, and our endless organization tasks that need to happen now (not a month or a year from now, but now), I laughed.

I laughed at chickens marching toward the mower.

Man on mower with chicken escapees from the farm across the road

Man, mower, chickens

I laughed at chickens eluding my dogs at the window.

Dogs staring at chickens through window

Dogs, window, chickens

I laughed at chickens letting my daughter herd them across the road.

Daughter herding chickens across the road

Daughter herding chickens

And I remembered . . .  it’s okay to move everything else aside for a few minutes of laughter.

When it doesn’t feel okay and nothing seems right, take a breath and let laughter find you.

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