Being Inspired

View to paradise

This is a view of a large lake at sunset. The photographer is at the rocky edge facing in the distance the outlet of water between two rolling hills. Katrinitsa via Compfight

There is something inspirational about water.  This picture aptly title “View of Paradise” invokes a feeling of peace and tranquility.  I find myself in a state of mind to write more reflective and, perhaps, whimsical posts quite different from the current realities of winter.

Walking to my car last night after the first class of the new semester made me realize that I’m kind of okay with not having a window in my classroom.  Perhaps we focused more intently on the lesson because we could not see the drizzling sleet outside.  We were analytical and purposeful in our writing and discussions.

What environment do we need for the most productivity?  But then what kind of productivity do we demand of ourselves?  Is it okay sometimes to pause so we can look for the perfect inspirational picture?  The compfight plugin allowed me to browse Creative Commons images with ease.  I hope the caption will convey enough about the picture for a screenreader.

If my goal is to write routinely, then no matter what the end product is I should feel productive.  Yes, blogging by following steps outlined by a team of professionals has helped me tap into a fountain of words that I’m thankful still exist after so long a dry spell.  I also plan to share these tools with fellow teachers and teacher candidates, particularly steps for accessing and using images and copyrights.

So as I continue with the blogging challenge and find my footing as a writer, I add this picture to remind myself of our own getaway.  My picture of the setting sun at Rough River Lake in Kentucky will be my inspiration.

This view of Rough River Lake was taken beside a dock with the photographer facing the nearly setting sun. Fall foliage can be seen on the trees surrounding the large lake.

Blogging Challenge: Widgets

I have taken up the Edublog Challenge for Personal Blogging.  This, as I see it, falls into my page of research.  Though not as formal as what the university requires, I see value in exploring these avenues of thinking, especially if I can be motivated to generate more writing.   This challenge has definitely helped me tap into a flow of writing that had plateaued and all but stopped during the fall semester.

In learning more about widgets, I can see how useful they can be – and how much they can add to the busyness of a blog site.  Of course, I want people to be able to share my blog posts.  It would also be nice to know how many people have visited my site and where they are located in the world.  I’m still working on these pieces because, again, it is easy to cram too much into a blog site, which will make it less reader-friendly.

I’m interested in feedback on the site and the widgets.  What do readers think are the most interesting items on a blog site?